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  • Bakari


    Joined us on 20th April 2010

    Bakari was one of the first children to come to Footprints Orphanage. He's a hard working, willing young man and has achieved so much including learning to speak English, he has also formed a Football team with his friends from school and has represented the region in an athletics competition. He's very clever and practical and helps out a lot around the home.



    Joined us on 20th April 2010

    Khadija is Bakari’s sister. After seeing their mother die of AIDs, she and her siblings grew up in desperate conditions with their grandmother who had to find ways of earning money to feed them, even allowing herself to prostitute. Since living at Footprints, Hadija has become confident and outgoing and her big personality brings happiness and laughter to everyone.


    Joined us on 20th April 2010

    Hassan is Bakari and Khadija’s younger brother and grew up in the same awful conditions. He was a scared little boy, who, along with his siblings had often gone days without food. Now within the safety of the Footprints family he’s happy, mischievous and able to enjoy his is childhood. He often plays football with the other boys and is very clever, regularly coming top of the class at school.

  • Ali

    Joined us on 20th April 2010

    Ali is the cousin of Hadija, Hassan and Bakari. He too was left an orphan and grew up with their grandmother in abject poverty. When Ali came to Footprints he was very quiet, shy and withdrawn but has settled in very well and has grown in confidence. He is very studious and is doing well in school. Ali is interested in all kinds of technology including the laptops and camera.

    Ali returned to his extended family in 2018.


    Joined us on 20th April 2010

    Njoki mother died of AIDs shortly after giving birth.  When she came to Footprints she was very shy but is now a happy-go-lucky girl with an infectious smile, and is doing well at school.


    Joined us on 4th June 2010

    George was 4 months old when his parents died within 2 days of each other. His mother had been in hospital since George’s birth, so he hadn’t been fed properly and weighed only 4kg. He was close to death and wrapped in newspaper for warmth. The transformation in George was incredible and now he's a healthy, happy toddler getting up to mischief and speaking excellent English!

  • Jane

    Joined us on 11th June 2010

    Jane is George's eldest sister and cared for her baby brother throughout her mothers illness, a huge responsibility for her at a young age. It took her many months to come to terms with losing both of her parents, but with the love and support of the Footprints family she has become more and more confident and is now a bright and courageous young woman with high hopes for the future.



    Joined us on 11th June 2010

    Mary is the sister of Jane, Eliza and George and undoubtably the most confident of her siblings. She always has a smile on her face. Mary is also very caring towards the rest of the children, and likes to help look after the youngest ones. She gets on with everyone and loves to play football. She settled in very quickly and is particularly close to Hadija, her 'partner in crime'!


    Joined us on 11th June 2010

    Eliza is the sister of Jane, Mary and George and she too was traumatised by the tragic death of her parents. Eliza can be very shy sometimes but has come out of her shell since coming to Footprints Orphanage, where she is able to enjoy her childhood once more. She works very hard in her school work and loves to read and draw in her spare time. She has an infectious giggle.

  • Kijana


    Joined us on 1st Dec 2010

    Kijana, and his younger sister Anna, were orphaned after their parents died within a year of each other. Like many of our children, they were left with elderly relatives who could not afford to feed or care for them. Kijana was found to be suffering from severe pneumonia after sleeping on damp mud floors. Now he is in good health and has lots of friends at Footprints.

    Kijana returned to his extended family in 2018.


    Joined us on 1st Dec 2010

    Anna was so accustomed to being desperate for food that when she arrived at Footprints Orphanage she would try and eat the most unusual things; often including crayons and dirt from the ground. It took her months to get out of this habit, but now she is healthy and happy - and once again enjoying her childhood. Her best friend is Njoki who is a similar age to Anna.



    Joined us on 7th Feb 2011

    Samwell and little sister Tumaini were also found living with elderly relatives in very poor conditions. Samwell was severely malnourised and covered in painful dog bites. He's now gained weight but the long term effects of malnourishment still remain. Although he's a very bright and happy child, Samwell gets very anxious in new situations and doesn't like changes to his routine.

  • Tumaini

    Joined us on 7th Feb 2011

    When Tumaini came to Footprints Orphanage with  her brother Samwell they were both very nervous and timid. However Tumaini settled in very well. She has a beautiful smile and a loud, giggly personality, and loves to play with the other young children, George and Dotty.



    Joined us on 19th Feb 2011

    Dotty’s mother was just 14 years old when she was attacked on her way home from school, and Dotty is the result of this horrific incident. Her mother died just a few months after giving birth and Dotty was unwanted by the rest of her family. She was quiet, withdrawn and timid when she arrived at Footprints but has grown into a friendly, happy toddler with a beautiful smile.


    Joined us on 20th May 2011

    Mutua’s childhood was filled with sadness. His mother suffered with epilepsy and his baby sister died after being suffocated during one of her seizures. A few weeks later his mother died during a seizure, leaving Mutua an orphan. He now has the love and care of a family at Footprints and he is able to smile and enjoy his childhood again, playing with his new ‘brothers and sisters’.

  • Uchi

    Joined us on 25th Feb 2012

    Uchi was found living in poor conditions and suffering terribly with ‘jiggers’ a parasite which burrows into the hands and feet, causing pain and making it impossible to walk. It took several weeks to remove all of them from Uchi’s hands and feet but she was incredibly brave and is now happily running around Footprints Orphanage with her new friends.


    Joined us on 31st Aug 2012

    Joseph was abandoned at Footprints in September 2012 along with his brother Raphael. We had no information about them other than their first names. Joseph's only possessions were a few clothes and a book about drawing, and he is a wonderful artist. Although very quiet and insecure, Joseph tries really hard at school and has made new friends.


    Joined us on 31st Aug 2012

    Raphael is Joseph’s brother and from talking to them we have established that their Mum and Dad died within a month of each other. The following year their aunt, who was caring for them, also passed away from meningitis. Raphael is outgoing and very protective of his younger brother. After just a few days at Footprints his health had improved dramatically.

  • footprints-42-von-69-


    Joined us on 9th November 2013

    Mwongeli's mother lost both of her legs to tetanus and she was living in awful conditions with 6 year old Mwongeli and her older brother, growing maize to earn barely enough to live. Mwongeli wasn't going to school as had to care for her mum, fetching water every day and protecting their crop from baboons.

    Mwongeli is now living at Footprints Orphanage and we are helping her mum too. She now has a new metal roof and a water tank to collect rain water and the family have regular contact with each other.

  • Harrun

    Harrun joined us in 2013

    Harrun's mother died during childbirth, after giving birth to her last daughter of seven children.

    After his mother died, his father struggled to find work and look after all of the children. On top of this he had the added challenge of becoming ill himself, with cancer of the foot, he was hospitalised for a long period.

    It was during this time that Footprints were asked by the Chief of the area to visit the family to see if we could assist.  The father wanted us to take in the baby and Harrun as the youngest.

    After a long social enquiry we found that the baby had already been taken straight away after her birth and the death of the mother, by an aunt. We visited them and it was obvious that they had formed a wonderful bond with each other and although living quite basically, her aunt was willing to continue to care for the baby. We explained to the father what we had found; as he had had no contact with this baby since the mother had died, we explained that in the best interest of the child to remain with her aunt. However we would take Harrun into the care of Footprints.

    Harrun joined us in 2013, his father continues to be sick and has only visited Harrun on two occasions. Other relatives have visited him and  it is our hope that he could be reintergrated with other family members in the future.

  • Jackson

    Joined us on 9th November 2014.

    Jackson was 7 years old when he joined us here at footprints. His siblings are Ayrub & David who all lost their mother through HIV infection. On the 21st November 2014 Kerry and Fottprints orphanage helped the children bury their mother. With no family to help Footprints stepped in to help make the arrangments. It was a very emotional time for the boys but they were supported to say their farewells whilst their mother knew they were in a caring and loving place for their future.



    Joined us on 9th November 2014

    Ayub was 5 years old when he joined footprints along with his two brothers; after losing their mother to HIV. Ayub is a very cheeky little man with an infectious smile. Ayub has come a long way already at Footprints, excelling in his end of term exam results. Achieving some of the highest results in his year group. Ayub loves to dance and is always the centre of attention!


    Joined us on 9th November 2014.

    David was only 15 months old when he came to Footprints along with his older brothers; Ayub and Jackson. David lost his mother to HIV in November 2014. David although one of the smallest at Footprints he is also one of the most determined. Although wobbly on his feet he is a very independent young man and can be seen walking around causing mischief!

  • Rashid


    Joined us on 24th July 2015.

    Rashid is only 3 years old and was desperate for our love and care at Footprints. He has settled very well at Footprints as we have lots of young boys that he can play with. Rashid could be seen in the nearby town in Ukunda without his parents running accross the very busy roads exposed to all sorts of dangers.

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    Rebecca & Lavena

    Joined us 17th August 2015.

    The girls are  were living only a stones throw away from Footprints. Rebecca and Levena are sisters, living with their grandparents, their grandfather in his eighties was really struggling to feed and look after the girls. He had heard of Footprints and paid the social worker at Footprints a visit explaining his desire for the two sister to have a brighter and safer future. Rebecca is 5 and Levena is around 4 years old, however like many children in Kenya an exact date of birth is often never recorded and no medical information can be provided. When the girls were visited at their home the conditions they were living in were shocking. Their bedroom pitch black with no windows or electricity sharing a bed with filthy sheets and a mosquito net full of holes! The girls mother is suffering from mental illness and was raped on two occasions resulting in both Rebecca & Levena. The mental illness meant the girls mother would disappear for weeks at a time leaving her daughters very vulnerable.

  • Sera


    Joined us May 2016.

    Sera is one of six girls, who were living happily with their parents. One day men broke in to their home and killed their parents infront of the girls.

    The three older girls were able to stay and work in the village but for Sera, Sofia and toddler Faith alternative support needed to be found.

    An orphanage took the youngest child, Faith and Footprints were contacted to see if they could help. Sera and Sofia came along to join the Footprints family.

    Sera is a serious young lady whi is beginning to come out of her shell.



    Joined us May 2016.

    Like Sera, Sofia found herself in need of a family to care for her.

    She has settled in well and is a kind and caring little girl with many friens.



    Joined us Sptember 2016.

    Faith spent almost six months at another childrens home.

    Recently a  heart-warming event took place.  Many of the local childrens homes organise events and Footprints attended a sports day. Whilst there Sera noticed her younger sister, Faith. The two clung to each other all day. When returning to Footprints Kerry and Patrick had a long descusion and decide to offer Faith a place with her siblings. The other childrens home agreed that this would be good for the girls, so on Saturday 10th September 2016 Faith joined her sisters at Footprints - the youngest siblings will now grow up together.

    The three girls are very close and smile every day.

  • img-1392

    Baby Rose

    Joined us September 2016.

    Baby Rose was rescued into the care of Footprints when her mother Ruth, at the young age of 16  was forced to escape her unimaginable home life.

    African Tribal cultures are in many ways to be respected but sometimes their traditional practices are acts of child abuse and neglect. Ruth of the Massai tribe had already been subjected to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) which is a criminal offence but is often still practised. Her father had already arranged an early marriage when Ruth was just 14. She became pregnant and she escaped from her father and took refuge in a school far away from her village. Luckily, the headteacher warmed to her and baby Rose was born in June but the situation became unmanageable for the teacher and she turned to Footprints for help.

    Returning back to the tribal village, Baby Rose would never be accepted and the mother Ruth would surely be forced back into marriage. With no other support mechanism and Ruth being still a child herself at 16, Footprints and the Headteacher agreed that in the best interest of both mother and child, Ruth would be supported through the next 4 years of education at the school while Baby Rose was cared for at Footprints.  

    It was hugely painful for Ruth the day we went to collect Baby Rose and regular reassurance and emotional support is going to be needed.

    Rose has settled into life at Footprints and has the amazing love and support of all our staff and children.

  • img-5303-001

    Gift and Adam

    Joined us on Saturday 22nd July 2017.

    After a few unbelievable days Footprints welcomed its first new children for 2017 .

    Gift and his little brother called Adam came together.

    Their other name is unknown, as their mother died four weeks ago. She was still unburied and had no identity when I met them for the first time. She had been drinking elicit brew and made a living however she could - life was desperate!

    Both boys were taken in by an elderly, kind neighbour in Ukunda. Her room was no bigger than 12x12 - she tried her best but Gift's brother Adam is so underweight he was becoming more and more malnourished. No relatives could be found, no father and no details of ages or names.

    It never ceases to amaze me that the local people will do their best no matter how little they have,with true compassion.

    Footprints will work its magic Adam and Gift will begin to thrive.

  • Mathias and Lupina

    Joined us on Saturday 5th August 2017


    After nearly 8 years of rescuing children I thought I'd witnessed the worst possible living environments, where vulnerable children have to survive but last week I witnessed the ultimate of sickening places, the most vile place where children are still  living. 

    A rubbish dump site within our County that is home to families who live and survive off it daily, the clothes they wear, the waste food they eat, the partially empty alcohol bottles they drink from, even the houses they live in are made from the rubbish that surrounds them, not a place for animals let alone children.

    Footprints was asked to intervene to rescue two children living amongst this horrendous place, Mathias and Lupina were found surviving on this pitiful site. After failing to convince their mother to relocate and explaining to her the neglect she was inflicting on her children we had no alternative than to act.  

    Neither child has a birth record, so it is difficult to work out their ages. A few days ago Patrick and I, this time accompanied by our Children's Officer ( because of the volatile situation) removed and rescued these two distraught children, they are now safe at Footprints in a clean loving environment.

    They are slowly acclimatising to their new home and family while the Children's Department  and police deal with their mothers neglect.

    It is taragically  sad how places like this are a refuge for children's survival and that is allowed to continue !

  • img-6364-001


    Joined us on Monday 11th December 2017

    Our youngest ever child, a baby of only 10 days old, who was abandoned on the roadside and found by a 13 year old boy, joined us in December 2017. He took the baby to his own family, who reported the baby to the Chief, who took them all to the Police Station to resolve the situation.

    On Monday 11th December the Children’s Department contacted us and we drove over to collect this tiny baby. After several hours of paperwork and discussion he was brought home, having been fed on cow’s milk and screaming for more food.

    His skin was infected and he was in desperate need of care.

    We also needed to give him a name, it seemed appropriate to call him Nicholas, after St Nicholas (Santa Claus) as he is our Christmas present.

    The children adore him and after medication and care he is already putting on weight and his skin in healing.

  • February 2018  - Chizzi  joined Footprints 


    Chizzi -  A young girl of 11 yrs who has never been allowed to go to school was forced, by her own family, into an early so called 'marriage' to a 56 year old man.

    She  endured 3 months of this  situation before being rescued by the police, the man was arrested. The police and law courts agreed she should be placed where her care and protection could be assured. Footprints has been awarded a 3 year Committal Order from the courts. Since then she has been living at Footprints making new friends and going to school with all our other children, she has received the medical care she needed and as she settles into her new home counselling will begin for her.

    We hope the smiles that are appearing on her face now will increase and she will have a childhood that she has so desperately missed out on !

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    Me-juma joined us on the 7th September 2018

    Me-juma is about 12 years old- we don't know exactly as she has no birth certificate at this time!

    She  experienced an horrendous ordeal at the courts and has been placed in our care for the next three years, in which time she will learn to trust the Footprints family.

    Those who treated her badly have been imprisoned for 25 years. It is still unbelievable what these young children are put through.

  • August 2019 Bengao Joined Footprints


    After 3 months of investigations Bengao and his sister Abigail  joined Footprints. Patrick, Aunty Diane and our social worker Alex, made the journey, by foot in to the forest to the home of the children's Aunty Milka (who had herself walked the 6km to Footprints on three occasions to plea for help.)

    The children's mum had been killed and they had been taken in by their aunt. With 8 people living in the two room dwelling, with mud floors, no sanitation or financial support, the conditions were unbelievable.

    So the children have joined us at Footprints.

  • Abigail joined Footprints - August 2019

    After 3 months of investigations Abigail and her brother Bengao joined Footprints .Patrick, Aunty Diane and our social worker Alex, made the journey, by foot in to the forest to the home of the children's Aunty Milka (who had herself walked the 6km to Footprints on three occasions to plea for help.)

    The children's mum had been killed and they had been taken in by their aunt. With 8 people living in the two room dwelling, with mud floors, no sanitation or financial support, the conditions were unbelievable.

    So the children have joined us at Footprints.


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