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    So proud of this lovely wee lady up in Scotland we met by chance only five years ago when she was on holiday in Kenya from then she has put her heart and passion into raising money for Footprints πŸ‘£ next year will be 5th GDO fundraising event she has organized last night Lisa Gray was awarded the first prize in the Standard Life Inspirational awards , truly deserved ! Everyone at Footprints is very proud xx
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    Thank you very much for so many birthday wishes I live in a part of our world where birthdays aren't quite as celebrated so I was humbled by you kind thoughts technology being a wonderful thing when I can blow out a candle with my mum and children via FaceTime 😁😁but also spend my day with these lovely people!!!
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    Out of unbelievable tragedy,hope and opportunity has been given to our children at Footprints πŸ‘£ Sadly Holly Brown, from Burton on Trent, tragically lost her life in July. Her parents Sari and Martin and twin sister Emma made the decision to ask for donations to help Footprints continue its life changing work out in Kenya by enriching our children's lives. A phenomenal amount In excess of Β£5000 has been donated in memory of Holly - testament to this popular fun loving young girl and her family and friends. As a long lasting memory the money raised will enrich and touch many children's lives at Footprints - just as Holly's parents enriched her life in the UK. Our community room at Footprints has never had power and now it will be fitted with solar panels to bring in light and life. An activities programme of dance, sports, cycling, additional tuition and community outreach projects involving the local children, will mean that the children of Footprints will have a full and exciting life just as Holly did. The room will be called: The Holly Brown - Learning for Life Zone. A dedication to a vibrant young lady taken from our world too soon, but Footprints will ensure Holly's memory will live on in our children's life's
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    Two weeks on Mathias and Lupina are settled most importantly safe and loved by everyone at Footprints and able to enjoy their childhood at last a far cry from the horrendous environment they were existing in 😍
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    After nearly 2 months of fetching water from the local river twice a day after our borehole pump broke we have now finally got our borehole pumping water again we are so relieved but extremely thankful and grateful to our dear friend Rob Wallace who made it all possible not only for his financial support but sourcing it and arranging its transport across the world !!!!
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    After nearly 8 years of rescuing children I thought I'd witnessed the worst possible living environments where vulnerable children have to survive, last week I witnessed the ultimate of sickening, the most vile place where children were and some still are living. A rubbish dump site within our County that is home to families who live and survive of it daily, the clothes the waste food the partially empty alcohol bottles even the house they live in made from the rubbish that surrounds it, not a place for animals let alone children, Footprints was asked to intervene to rescue two children living amongst this horrendous place, Mathias and Lupina were found surviving in this pitiful site after failing to convince the mother to relocate and explaining to her the neglect she was inflicting on her children, neither children have birth records so difficult to work out ages. A few days ago Patrick and I, this time accompanied by our Children's Officer because of the volatile situation removed and rescued these two distraught children, they are now safe at Footprints in a clean loving environment slower acclimatising to their new home and family while the Children's dept and police deal with the mothers neglect. So sad how places like this are a refuge for children's survival and that is allowed to continue !
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    What a difference a day makes !!!!! Gift and Adam settling very well at Footprints.Safe clean and comfortable tucked up in beds for the first time eating like there's no tomorrow. Gift struggling to share but he's not had any toys to play with before so I imagine he's overwhelmed !! I'm so proud and thankful for the support I'm getting to allow these wonderful children an life saving opportunity
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    After witnessing so much tragedy and unbelievable suffering over the last few days today footprints πŸ‘£ brought back its 31st and 32nd children. welcome Gift and Adam, their other names unknown. Their mother died 4weeks ago she is still not buried. She had no identity. We visited the room she was living in with the children, before she died, apparently she was a lady drinking elicit brew and was using prostitution as a living😰 The kids were taken in by an elder lady in our local town, ukunda, her room no bigger than 12'x12, she had tried her best. Adam is so underweight! Nobody knows their exact names or ages. There are no relatives and no fathers!! So hope the pictures tell the story x One hell of a day my wonderful friends and, without your support, today would never have happened. I hate all this suffering but absolutely love ❀️ being involved in this work and 😘 being able to make a difference right here right now ! Mama Kerry
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    As we await our replacement pump for our borehole our daily need to access water increases and is becoming a huge challenge and high risk of disease from the river water we are collecting from. At the moment there is an outbreak of cholera in parts of Kenya and as 'mama' to these wonderful kids I'm concerned for their health let's hope we can rectify our problem very soon next week the schools close for 2nd term and we have all 30 children at home 😳
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    Who remembers playing 'dens' and all that lovely 'pretend play' so here at Footprints we have to improvise a lot! But our children love it and so do the staff including mama Kerry and uncle Patrick πŸ‘£
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