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    Our long time friends And supporters of Footprints Gail and Ruth are embarking on an amazing personal challenge as they both approach very 'special' birthdays !!! All the proceeds of their challenge are being given to help the children of Footprints continue to strife for a better future ! Thank you Gail and Ruth !
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    Two weeks ago Footprints was faced with a situation that we've not had to deal with before. A young girl of 11 yrs who has never been allowed to go to school was defiled by a man of 56 yrs after being forced by her own family into an early so called 'marriage' she had endured 3 months of this horrific situation before being rescued by the police where the man was arrested. Some African cultures are still something I will never comprehend. The police and law courts agreed she should be placed where her care and protection could be assured.Her names and pictures have been protected for obvious reasons but Footprints was awarded a 3yr Committal Order from the courts. Since then she has been living at Footprints making new friends, she is now going to school with all our other children, she has received the medical care she needed and as she settles into her new home counseling will slowly begin to try and erase this horrific experience, we hope the smiles that are appearing on her face now will increase and she will become the child she had so desperately missed out on !
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    When you know the Vision you had to make life changing differences to African children becomes a reality !!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped Footprints save the life of Nicholas he has been with us nearly 3 months and thriving everyday !
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    Excitement at Footprints as our chicken project produces it's very own chicks !! The children are happy and proud to be part of Footprints sustainability project from collecting fertilized eggs from our own layers to incubating them in our very own incubator (kindly donated ) to hatching day and a very happy Mamma K
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    Following the overwelming success and growth of Footprints we have exciting opportunities for passionate, self driven and dedicated people to join our fundraising team. If you have the time to commit to Footprints and our children to ensure the sustainability of this successful charity we are looking for people to organize or assist with fundraising events here in the U.K. or maybe you could investigate grant funding such as comic relief ! There are many ways you could help . If you have any new ideas or are interested in having fun and making new friends please email Jayne or Mel at or Thank you for your continuous support Mama Kerry x
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    Prize draw for Footprints - drawn on Sat 17th March, £5 per ticket, please pay by clicking this link and remember to add your name into the message box so we know who u are! We will write the ticket! Thanks for your continued support!
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    A huge thank you to Kay and Dani at The Old Lodge Nursing Home for kindly donating funds for which we purchased these much needed items for our children.
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    After the success of last year’s Annual Ball, the team are now busy preparing for this year’s this page for further information on how you can book your tickets for the Footprints 10th Annual Ball 👣
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    After only 5 weeks, our surprise 'addition' to the Footprints family, Nicholas has made wonderful progress his weight has increased to 4kg we were overwhelmed by the generous donations of milk and nappies and clothes for our special baby thank you everyone who has supported Nicholas. Sadly his mother has still not been identified. This year has already started with lots of activity getting 30 children back to primary and secondary schools uniform stationary and book covering has been organized chaos, Elizabeth started Kingwede secondary school we are very proud of her ! Nicholas was baptized by the Bishop of Mombasa on Christmas Eve . Daisy gave birth to her calf we called her Bambi ! Joseph Sera and Racheal passed their grading for yellow belts in Taekwondo ! Never a dull moment at Footprints 😁
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