Footprints Orphanage
  • Projects at Footprints

  • Without the genorosity of the public, followers of Footprints on social media and volunteers at Footprints Orphanage itself these projects could not take place. Due to the ever growing demand for education and shelter of children in Kenya; Footprints has a constant struggle to keep up with this demand and improve and expand for the children attending the academy and children at the orphanage.

    Annual fundraisers take place throughout the year in the UK that succesfully raise money to maintain and meet the needs of the children.

    Monthly donations or one off donations all contribute to the projects that you will see on this website that have taken place at Footprints since it's opening.

    If you would like to sponsor a project or donate towards a project at Footprints please visit:

    Thankyou to those that have already donated with your help we have managed to provide:

    • Fresh running water to footprints

    • Electricity & power

    • Undercover Seating Area

    • New Classrooms
  • The School bus becomes the Home bus.


    Through the generous support of many of you we were able to purchase a school bus in late 2015. At weekends it was also used to enable the family to get out and about. 

    Now the decision has been made to close the school, the bus is still an essential in the life of all of the children. It is the way they will get to and from their new schools each day and it will allow them to experience a wider range of activities throughout the local community.In particular it allows them to go out as a whole family to church, the beach, sporting events amongst other things. This is of course what normal family life is all about - doing things together!

  • If you want to find out more about individual projects have a look at those listed.