Footprints Orphanage
  • As the shamba (allotment) develops more information will be added.

  • The first harvest of sukuma wiki from the Footprints shamba - a real achievement. Uncle Stephen and Dixon were thrilled!


  • Harvesting the produce.


    Here the younger children visit the shamba, with Uncle Dixon, to pick the ripe tomatoes ready to eat. They taste delicious in a salad.

  • Daisy the cow in calf!


    Daisy is taken out every day in the morning to graze in the local area and returns at night.

    As she is due to give birth to her calf any day, she is now grazing on the fields at Footprints.  A new calf for the new year. Fresh milk for the children very soon, excellent news.

    Sadly Daisy lost her calf just after it was born, so we will have to wait until she has another calf for fresh milk.

    Latest news- Daisy has had another calf, who is healthy and been called Bambi. She was born on the 10th January 2018.

    It will be interesting to learn how to manage weening and then milking for use at Footprints. Our self sufficiency mission is certainly evolving.

    We'll keep you updated on progress.

  • Dolly the Cow joins Footprints December 2016.


    Dolly the Cow, is our none grazer. Dolly had a rough start to life, as her owners were really struggling to feed her because of the droughts.

    She looked frail when she arrived.

    Uncle Patrick, with some of the children walked her the 4 km to bring her home to Footprints. It took them 3 hours! Dolly is settled in and feeding on our very  own napier grass mixed with malaise.

    A local Children's home are producing their own milk also and as they have some surplus we are buying extra milk from them instead of paying supermarket prices.

    With our other cow, Daisy expecting her calf soon it won't be long until we have our own milk.

    Being as self-sufficient as possible is going to make us more sustainable.

    2017 will be a great year for our cows.

    Sadly, Dolly our new cow died on 1st March. We believe she had a chronic illness before she arrived. Everyone at Footprints is very sad.

    From the Girl's Day Out in Edinburgh in March 2017 the money raised will go to support Footprints becoming more self sufficient. A new cow will be purchased  so that milk production can begin.

  • Betty the Cow joins Footprints June 2016.


    Uncle Patrick has just bought a new cow, which is called Betty. She is in calf, so once it is born there will be fresh milk at Footprints.

    She has settled in well and looks much healthier than Dolly, who sadly died in March.

    The children were very excited when she arrived.

    Watch this space for the new arrival in a few weeks time.

  • We were given some huge sacks to try a different way of growiing vegetables - it will be interesting to see what productivity is like!


    Looking and thinking about it!

    Uncle Patrick and the othere got stuck in to start the project off. As you know we are trying to become as self-sufficient as possible.

    Food is a huge expense for so many people each month - so the more we grow ourselves the better.


    Getting started.

  • The Chickens Arrive!


    Finally our self sustainability programme is on its way !!!

     We welcome  our chickens all 68 of them, the children are excited but going to be very busy looking after them -  a wonderful project to have at Footprints 👣 thank you to everyone who contributed to make this happen.