Footprints Orphanage
  • Conversion of Classrooms to Dormitories January 2017.

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    Out of tragedy brings opportunity for our children at Footprints.

    Sadly Holly Brown, from Burton on Trent, tragically lost her life in July 2017. Her parents and twin sister made the decision to ask for donations to help Footprints to continue its work out in Kenya by enriching our children's lives. In excess of £5000 has been donated in memory of Holly - testament to this popular young girl and her family and friends.

    As a long lasting memory the money raised will enrich and touch many children's lives at Footprints - just as Holly's parents enriched her life in the UK.

    Our community room at Footprints has never had power and  now it will be fitted with solar panels to bring in light and life.

    An activities programme of dance, sports, cycling, additional tuition and community outreach projects involving the local children, will mean that the children of Footprints will have a full and exciting life just as Holly did.

    The room will be called:

    The Holly Brown - Learning for Life Zone.

    A dedication to a vibrant young girl taken from our world too soon.

    Her memory will live on in the children's lives at Footprints.

  • Homework being completed in the smaller study areas in the new living spaces. It looks productive!


    Each of the new accommodation blocks has two dormitories, toilets and showers and a study area. It means completing homework is much easier in a designated space.

    The children work so hard to do well at school. At the end of last term several of them won awards from their new schools.

    We are all very proud of them.

    Have a look at more of these photographs and you can see the children organising their own clothes, enjoying spending time in smaller groups chatting with friends and of course doing homework.

  • Many of you will know that over the past 4 years, out of necessity, we built and ran our own school, Footprints Academy, in order for our children to recieve quality education. We opened the school to the local community at a small fee to ensure that our children were still interacting with other children, making friends, playing as normal children do. The growth and the success of the school was phenomenal, however this was only achieved because the charity subsidized a big part of it. 


    We've now  had to recognize that the school was financially jeoprodising the future of Footprints Orphanage and to continue to run the school would mean that Footprints would be unable to sustain and  fulfill its original vision to rescue  children in need.

     We have had to make some incredibly soul searching decisions, but the conclusion we reached was the charity should not continue to subsidize the education of NON-Footprints children. Unlike six years ago, we are now very lucky that there are two local schools who will provide the quality education our children deserve.

    For this reason from November 2016 the school will close and the facilities will be converted to enhance the accommodation for the children in our care  and increase the capacity to rescue more children in the coming years.

    I am incredibly proud in the way the children have responded to the planned changes and acted in a very grown up and responsible way.

    The first of the classroom conversions is now complete. Have a look at the article below to see how wonderful the new dormitories are.

  • The children move in to the new dormitory.


    Wow, how fantastic. The first of the classroom conversions has been completed and the children have moved in. The new dormitories are much bigger with toilets and showers. There is a study area for homework and a bedroom for the aunties to sleep in.

    The children are thrilled as you can see from their faces.

  • Home from school- inpecting the conversion.


    When the children return from school they like to have a look at the progress of the new dormitories. They can't wait for them to be ready. It is very exciting.

  • The conversion begins - January 2017.


    The old classrooms are being converted in to new dormitories. They will be fabulous when they are completed

  • The school classrooms are used over the long holiday break.


    The children have been working hard to clear the classrooms now that the school has closed. The extra rooms are fantastic. The secondary school pupils have converted the old staff room in to a common room for the older children - they have helped to design it.

    Another classroom has been converted in to a study room, for them to do their homework.

    They have also cleared another room for workshops. This holiday they have had a number of dance workshops, which they love.

    The conversion to new dormatories will begin in January 2017.

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    Patrick supervising the building work.

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    The dimensions of the classrooms being marked out.


    Digging begins to starts the foundations

  • classrooms


    Foundations are in place for the new classrooms

  • Footprints Orphanage is a registered UK Charity. No. 1126967