Footprints Orphanage
  • Re-using older Buildings.

  • Refurbishment of the Store rooms - Summer 2019


    The refurbishment of the old store room in the original boys dormitory is proving to be a good development.

    With the new fridge it is making life so much more organised for the staff to manage.

  • The old boys dormitory has a make over.


    The original boy's dormitory has now been refurbished with a new roof to ensure that it is water tight.

    It has been converted in to a staff room, store and medical room. The roof is enclosed to stop issues with pests getting in and eating the stores.

    This has proved to give us even better facilities.

  • Installing the Security Fencing - March 2018


    The team at Footprints have been working incredibly hard throughout the beginning of 2018 to complete the security fencing - this is no mean feat as they are working in high temperatures and it is physical work.

    They are on the final stretch so well done to them all.