Footprints Orphanage
  • Samwell joined us on 7th Feb 2011

  • From where Samwell started his life ...............


    Sammy and his sister Tumaini were found living with their elderly grandparents after the death of their parents. The village in Mwatapa, where we found  them, was in a poverty stricken area with mainly orphaned children living with HIV, fortunately, after the rescue and routine medical checks we were relieved that both children had  not been infected.


    Sammy was terrified when he arrived at Footprints, his body was covered in infected dog bites that had been left untreated, he was obviously afraid to go near any animal.

    It took many weeks to treat him and months to reassure him.

  • This is what living at Footprints achieves!


    Sammy has learning needs and is happy when there is a clear routine.  His sister Tumaini and other children accept and protect  him.

    Although his academic ability is low, he loves to draw and is fascinated by creative activities. 

    Samwell loves to dance and he just can't stop himself, as soon as he hears music.