Footprints Orphanage
  • Rose joined Footprints in September 2016.

  • From where Rose started her life ...............


     Baby Rose was rescued into the care of Footprints when her mother Ruth, at the young age of 16  was forced to escape her unimaginable home life.

    African Tribal cultures are in many ways to be respected but sometimes their traditional practices are acts of child abuse and neglect. Ruth of the Massai tribe had already been subjected to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) which is a criminal offence but is often still practised. Her father had already arranged an early marriage when Ruth was just 14. She became pregnant and she escaped from her father and took refuge in a school far away from her village. Luckily, the headteacher warmed to her and baby Rose was born in June but the situation became unmanageable for the teacher and she turned to Footprints for help.

    Returning back to the tribal village, Baby Rose would never be accepted and the mother Ruth would surely be forced back into marriage. With no other support mechanism and Ruth being still a child herself at 16, Footprints and the Headteacher agreed that in the best interest of both mother and child, Ruth would be supported through the next 4 years of education at the school while Baby Rose was cared for at Footprints.  

    It was hugely painful for Ruth the day we went to collect Baby Rose and regular reassurance and emotional support is going to be needed.

    Rose has settled into life at Footprints and has the amazing love and support of all our staff and children.

  • This is what living at Footprints achieves!


    Baby Rose is loved by everyone. Aunty Mary and Aunty Grace look after her and she loves them both. Her face lights up when they talk to her.

    All of the children clammer to snuggle her and she giggles away happily.

    Over the long school break, in November and December, her mum Ruth is coming to stay at Footprints to be with Rose - what a special time that will be for them both.

  • Ruth spends Christmas, with Rose, at Footprints.


    Rose is now growing quickly. At Christmas, her mum, Ruth came to spend some time with her. As you can see they are very happy together. Aunty Grace is still around taking care of Rose the rest of the time.

  • Rose Meets her Grandma !


    After nearly a year of uncertainty Rose and Ruth were reunited with their family, Rose's grandmother proudly holding her here. It took a lot of courage for the Massai lady to come to see her chilldren. The connection has now been made and Footprints will work hard to keep this bond alive.

    What a wonderful development in this family's life.

  • Rose Celebrates her 1st Birthday.


    Rose shared her birthday party with Hassan.

    Uncle Rogers made one of his famous cakes. The usual traditions took place, with the family singing happy birthday, the cake being cut and the the birthday girl and boy feeding the most important people to them a piece of cake.

    This is a touching tradition that everyone enjoys.

    A slice of cake is a special treat. As you can see they all enjoyed the celebrations. Rose is even dancing now.

  • Rose finding her Feet!


    Wow, Rose is now one. Look at her finding her feet, walking everywhere, waving and chattering.

    She understands everything.

    Where has the last year gone - doesn't time fly!