Footprints Orphanage
  • Nicholas  joined us on Monday 11th December 2017

  • Our new arrival was rather unexpected!


    Our final addition to the Footprints Family this year is our youngest ever child, a baby of only 10 days old. He was abandoned on the roadside and found by a 13 year old boy, who took him home to his own mother. The family reported the baby to the Chief who took them all to the Police Station.

    On Monday 11th December the Children’s Department contacted us and we drove over to collect this tiny baby. After several hours of paperwork and discussion he was brought home, having been fed on cow’s milk and screaming for more food.

    His skin was infected and he was in desperate need of care.

    We also needed to give him a name, it seemed appropriate to call him Nicholas, after St Nicholas (Santa Claus) as he is our Christmas present.

    The children adore him and after medication and care he is already putting on weight and his skin in healing.

  • After a few days of care and love  Nicholas was feeling settled.


    10 days ago Footprints was unexpectedly blessed with our 36 child Nicholas he was abandoned by the roadside only a few days old.

    We were completely overwhelmed by the response to helps us buy the vital supplies of powdered milk. Today we collected a suitcase full of supplies sent over by our friends of British Airways. Your donations will support Nicholas over the next few months.

     Already his skin has improved and he is alert and gaining weight.

    Tomorrow we will take him to the Magistrates Court to get a formal Committal Order for him to continue to live with our Footprints family 👣 as the police continue to search for his mum !

    Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness at this time of year.

  • Nicholas is baptised.


    On Sunday 23rd December everyone went to church for a special service where the Bishop of Mombasa attended.

    We took Nicholas for a blessing, however the Bishop baptised  him - what a special event at Christmas. We were all very emotional.

    Now we can concentrate on ensuring Nicholas has a loving start to life.

  • Nicholas in February 2018.


    After plenty of love, good food and care, Nicholas is blooming. He is putting on plenty of weight and his skin is completely healed - what a transformation.

    Thank you to everyone who has sent clothes, milk and nappies, all of which ore expensive out in Kenya.

  • March 2018


    Here is Nicholas in March - he is, as you can see, growing quickly and developing well.

    He is alert and smiling all of the time.

  • Seven months on - look how Nicholas is growing!


    Nicholas is growing quickly and enjoying life at Footprints.

    He plays with Rose and Adam getting to know all of the rest of the family.

    He is loved by everyone.