Footprints Orphanage
  • Joseph joined us on 31st Aug 2012

  • From where Joseph started his life................................


    Joseph and his older brother Raphael were living at another orphanage, before it was closed down by the government for abusing the children in their care. 

    The boys were brought to Footprints by the Children’s Department with nothing, only the clothes on their back.

    They were left on our doorstep! 

    For Footprints to unravel the events of the boy's unstable childhood we had to gain their trust. It took a few weeks but once they had gained some confidence in the staff at Footprints  we slowly started to ask painful questions regarding their family. Clearly frightened, Rapheal was more willing to talk than Joseph, who was quiet, hiding behind his big brother. 

    After a few months of searching, we eventually tracked down  their grandmother in a small fishing village. She had no idea that the previous children's home had closed, she and the surrounding community had taken them there after the death of their mother in 2012.  We also found that they had a sister living in another children's home, we managed a reunion and the children are now in contact with their sister during the holidays, the bond they still have is obvious. 

  • This is what living at Footprints can achieve!


    Joseph is still very quiet but extremely intelligent. He loves to read and is very inquisitive. 

     He enjoys helping around the home during the weekends,  particularly loving to help in the kitchen, making chapattis.

    He also adores going out into the Shimba Hills on the bikes, giving the younger children rides. The whoops of laughter are great to hear.

    Joseph is a great reader, enjoying all sorts of stories.