Footprints Orphanage
  • David joined us at Footprints on the 9th November 2014

  • From where David started his life..........


    David was only 15 months old when he joined us here at footprints. His siblings are Jackson and Ayrub who all lost their mother through the HIV infection.

    On the 21st November 2014 Kerry and Footprints orphanage helped the children bury their mother. With no family to help, Footprints stepped in to help make the arrangments. It was a very emotional time for the boys but they were supported to say their farewells.

    Their mother knew, before she died, that the boys were in a caring and loving place for their future.

    David soon fitted in to his new home, with all of the love and care he needed.

  • This is what living at Footprints achieves!


    David is now 3 years old, he is adorable and loves to play. He is learning lots of songs at school and his English is great.

    He loves to play in the new Under 5's play area, as it has lots of suitable toys. He particularly enjoys the swings and plays with his friend Rashid. He also loves to zoom around on the bikes.

    He is full of fun, dancing when ever the opportunity arises.