Footprints Orphanage
  • Chizzi Arrives.

  • Chizzi arrives February 2018


    February 2018

    Chizzi - Two weeks ago Footprints was faced with a situation that we've not had to deal with before. A young girl of 11 yrs who has never been allowed to go to school was forced, by her own family, into an early so called 'marriage' to a 56 year old man.

    She  endured 3 months of this  situation before being rescued by the police, the man was arrested. The police and law courts agreed she should be placed where her care and protection could be assured.

    Footprints has been awarded a 3 year Committal Order from the courts.

    Since then she has been living at Footprints making new friends and going to school with all our other children, she has received the medical care she needed and as she settles into her new home counselling will begin for her.

    We hope the smiles that are appearing on her face now will increase and she will have a childhood that she has so desperately missed out on !

  • Chizzi looking very smart in her new outfit.


    Chizzi received a very special parcel, all the way from the UK.

    Once opened she found her pink trousers and pretty t-shirt. A lovely surprise, you can see how happy she is - what a difference a few weeks, love, friendship and security can make.

    A little bit of the Footprints magic!

  • Chizzi Smiling in June 2018


    Here a group of the children dressed in local fabrics spending time with Lolade, one of our volunteers. Chizzi is on the right looking relaxed and cheerful.