Footprints Orphanage
  • Ali joined us on 20th April 2010

  • From where Ali started his life ...............


    Ali is the cousin  to Bakari, Hadija and Hassan.

    In 2010, after the death of his mother, his grandmother took on the responsibility of all four siblings.

    His fathers whereabouts was unknown. There were also other children being looked after by his grandmother  - in this area of utter poverty.The family were identified by The Kenyan Childrens Welfare Society ( a non - governmental organisation.)

    Kerry and Patrick visited the home to assess the needs of the children and resue them from their ferral existence.

    After the initial assessment, very quickly all of the children were rescued in to the care of Footprints.

    Ali had no birth certificate or clinic card to identify his age  and it took 4 year, woring with the Kenyan court system to get him any legal documentation.

    On arrival at Footprints it was obvious that there was much to learn.

    • There was clean water
    • Regular meals
    • Toileting facilities
    • The love and support of all of the staff

    It took many weeks for Ali to acclimatise to his new surroundings and accept the certainty of his new life.

  • This is what living at Footprints achieves!


    He is very studious and is doing well in school. Ali is interested in all kinds of technology including the laptops and camera.

    In November 2016 Ali took the KCPE exams for entrance to secondary school - he awaits the results.

  • Ali did well in his KCPE exams and is attending Stephen Kanja Secondary School in the local village. Here he looks so happy and smart ready for the next stage of his education. It is great because he is able to stay within the Footprint's Family and support the younger children. We know he will continue to do well.

    he will be taking the younger children out at weekends on the bikes, teaching them how to ride.

    We wish him lots of luck at his new school.

  • Ali Working at Footprints.


    Ali is studying at the local secondary school, so at weekends and during the holidays he is involved in helping Footprints to become self-sufficient. Growing food and looking after the animals takes lots of hard work.

    It is great to see Ali getting involved, again another good role model for the younger children.

    Well done, Ali.

  • img-5090

    Ali gets Busy.

    Ali is working hard during his free time. When he has finished his homework he can be found around the Footprints' grounds helping the maintenance team.

    Recently he has been sanding down the tables and revarnishing them.

    As you can imagine with the heat the furniture needs varnishing regularly.

    Patrick and his team certainly appreciate Ali contributing to the running of the home.

  • Ali starts his new adventure at polytechnic in January 2018.


    Although Ali started secondary school in January 2017 he was unhappy and not getting on well with his studies, so after a long talk with him about what he wanted to do we decided to helphe get a place at a local polytechnic to study elctrical installation, a skill that will help him to find work for his future.

    Above you can see him on his first day looking very excited.

    As all of the young people are older at polytechic they have to be self sufficient, cooking, cleaning and washing for themselves. Just like here in the UK it is a perfect stepping stone towards independent living.

    The Post 18 Strategy is now a reality for Footprints as the children reach that age.

    We all wish Ali the best of luck and will be foloowing his progress with interest.