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  • Bakari, Our Sporting Superstar.


    We are all so very proud at Footprints!

    Our sporting superstar, Bakari, has been awarded ‘Best Player’ in the National Rugby 15’s. This makes him the best player in the Country at his level.

    You’re a star Bakari.

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It’s moments like this where we realise just what a fantastic difference we make to the lives of these young people at Footprints.

  • Footprints Celebrate their 9th Year Anniversary - Easter 2019.


    At Easter this year, we celebrated our 9th anniversary. What a celebration we had, a special meal and of course lots of cake.

    How wonderful, in 9 years we have saved 37 orphaned and vulnerable children.

    What an achievement - we are so proud but could not have done it without the support and love of our extended Footprint's family.

    Your support really does make a differenece.

    Asante Sana.

  • The Canaan Trust continue to support Footprints 2019


    Jo Menzies presented Kevin Curtis, manager at the Canaan Trust, with a thank you for their continued support for Footprints.

    He also continues to source second hand laptops from local businesses, these are invaluable to the work of Footprints, in their offices and for the children to use.

    Once again, Asante Sana, Kevin, we appreciate all of your support.

  • January 22nd 2019 - Joseph starts at Kenyatta High School.


    Finally Joseph gets the National Secondary school he so much deserves, after weeks of waiting we finally admitted him to Kenyatta High, he was very proud.

    7 years ago he was ‘left’ on Footprints doorstep by government officials along with his brother Raphael, both orphaned !

    Today Footprints have given them the opportunities they deserve !

  • Hassan and Matua start at Secondary School - 9th January 2019


    Another proud day for Footprints, as Matua and Hassan begin their first day in a Kenyan National High School.

    They worked so hard and  faced so many challenges to get to these schools.

    Six years ago Matua nearly died after being struck down with a complicated maleria but today their dreams came true.

    Their futures look promising and once again it's thanks to the wonderful continued support you are giving to our children.

  • Rachel goes to Secondary School - 7th January 2019.


    7 years ago Uchi (Rachel) had little hope in her young life, her mother had died and her father was seriously ill. She was riddled with jiggers, unable to walk, then Footprints came in to her life and changed all of that.

    Today was not only her proudest day but Patrick and mine's, as she was admitted into  a wonderful high school in Voi County.

    Together Footprints has given Uchi the hope for a better future that she had only dreamed of.

    Thank you to everyone who helps us make these dreams come true.