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  • December Birthdays 2019


    December birthdays - who can believe that Njoki is 16 years old, aswell as Samwell and Eliza is 17!!!!

    Our little Nicholas is also 2.

    Where does the time go!

    Thank you all for your continued support.

    Ansanta Sana x

  • The Success of our Eldest Children.


    Dear friends of Footprints

    Fantastic news from Footprints.

    We offer our children the love, security and care they all so richly deserve but, on top of that, we have always said how important their education is.

    Our 4 eldest children Bakari, Raphael, Jane and Mary have passed their KCSE high school exams.

    We are extremely proud of them all but especially Raphael who, having passed with a C+, means he gains direct entry into University.

    These children have come such a long way having experienced so many difficulties already on their life journey you can only imagine how proud we are of them and, of course, so very, very happy for them.

    Also....more good news... Bakari has been selected, and signed up, to play for The Pirates Rugby Club, in one of the Kenya Rugby Leagues.

    On Saturday last week, they played at ‘home’ and so we, his proud ‘parents’ and brothers and sister went along to watch him and to cheer him on!

    What a result....the Pirates won 17-5.

    We can not thank you enough for your continued support.

    Together we are changing lives 👣

    Asante Sana Sana

    Mama Kerry, Uncle Patrick and all the Footprints Family xx

  • Christmas 2019


    Mama Kerry, Uncle Patrick, The Trustees and UK Committee and, of course, all of our wonderful children, would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020.

    We thank you, our friends and footprints family, for your continued support.

    Without you, there would be no us!

    If you wish to support our ongoing work at Footprints please


    Every penny raised or donated goes directly to ensuring that these children are given the love, security, care and education they so richly deserve to enable them to experience a brighter future.

    Any amount big or small makes a difference.

    Asante Sana Sana

  • Christmas Appeal 2019


    Dear friends of Footprints - with Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to give a gift and support our children.

    Education is a major part of our children’s Footprints journey and is key to them achieving their future independence.

    A small donation of just £13 will purchase a full compulsory school uniform for one of our children or £15 will purchase a new sturdy pair of school shoes.

    If you wish to help, please donate via our just giving page or directly through our bank account.

    Together we can make a difference to our children’s future.

    Make a Donation:-

    Donations can be made in the following ways:


    (If you donate online please tick for Gift Aid:
    this is a UK Government initiative that allows tax relief on money donated to UK charities.)

    To our bank account:

    Barclays Account No. 23827607 and Sort Code: 20-15-96

    By Cheque:

    Cheques made payable to "Footprints Orphanage" can be posted to...
    Footprints Orphanage, 1 Mapledene Crescent, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2SS.

    If you already make a regular donation and wish to support this appeal, please reference your donation “Xmas Uniform”

    Asante Sana

    Mama Kerry x

  • Footprints 11th Annual Charity Ball.

    What an amazing night at the Footprints 11th Annual Charity Ball.

    A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your love and continued support.

    The whole evening was a brilliant success and we raised a stunning £20,223.00

    Vannessa and Mel managed to keep part of our entertainment a secret from all of our guests and from myself and Patrick!!

    When the ‘Hush Hush’ waiters made their dramatic entrance the whole room was soon in full swing. Thank you Adam and Hannah.

    The entire evening was just wonderful.

    Asante Sana

    Mama Kerry, Uncle Patrick and the Footprints Family

    If you’d like to make a regular donation or sponsor a child please visit our website


  • The power back up company installed the powerful batteries in 2019.


    Now that the powerful batteries have been installed we should never be without power. Even when the mains go off, we have 3 days back up which is truly amazing.

    The home now will never be plunged in to darkness again. The incubator for the chicks will be more productive and of course the IT in the office will continue to work.

    We can also add solar panels, approximately 20-30 should give us our own power, saving a lot of money in the future.

    We look forward to the next phase of this project and hope to have enough funds to install all of the solar panels later this year or early in 2020.

    Thank you to all of those who continually support us financially.

  • Remembrance Sunday - 10th November 2019


    Footprints remembers......................

  • IT at Footprints  -  November 2019


    Thank you to everyone who has donated these laptops.

    Although we live in an impoverished environment we can not avoid the digital world, so it is so important that we give our children experience of using computers.

    They love it.

  • Volunteers at Footprints.


    Volunteers at Footprints get involved in all kinds of activities - it is such fun.

    Why not think about volunteering yourself.

    If you are interested find out more on the download page of this website.

  • Graduation November 2019


    It was the end of year graduations, with David and Mwende graduation to Grade 1.

    Mathias was also presented with the award for being the best at Social Studies.

    We are so proud of them all.

  • Having fun with Volunteers.


    Fun and games with the volunteers, lots of arts and crafts and apple bobbing for halloween.

    The children love it, as you can see from their smiling faces.

  • Look at Nicholas.

    How amazing is it to go from an abandoned 7 day old baby to this vibrant, gorgeous little boy, all in 18 months.

    The magic of Footprints love and care.

  • Flooding at Footprints October 2019


    There has been so much rain that the roads around Footprints have been badly flooded. This has made them almost impassable, meaning that the children have found getting to school impossible some days. This is particularly difficult as they are coming up to their end of year exams.

    Hopefully it will stop raining soon!

  • Preparing the chicken for tea.


    The children learn to do all of the jobs around Footprints.

    They have been learning to prepare the chickens for the evening meal.This is part of their skill base towards independence. They rear the chickens, sell them to locals and eat them at home. All skills they will need in the future.

  • Abigail (our new little girl) gets a full medical check from Dr Edith Mwasi.

  • Wambua enjoys an icecream for the first time!

  • August 2019 Brithdays


    Uchi, Mwongeli, Sophia and Mathias all share their birthdays in August. Here they are sharing cake and a gift each - look at those smiles!

  • The proposed new land being surveyed - August 2019


    The new land that we are hoping to buy is being surveyed by Mr Mbinga and Footprints. Beacons are being placed to legally mark out for the correct acreage.

    This land will be used to support our older children as they move to independence.

  • Our Littles Ones -August 2019


    Look at their little faces, happy, loved and well cared for, with friends.

  • Milk Production - August 2019


    Wow, we are now getting plenty of milk each day - wonderful for everyone but particularly the little ones.

  • Home Grown Produce August 2019


    After many trials, errors and helpful advice, Footprints is proud to say it is now producing milk, eggs, chicken, tomatoes, egg plants, okra, sukuma wiki (greens), passion fruit and bananas.

    These fresh foods and vegetables ensure the children get a balanced diet.

    We also have enough waste to make our own fertilizer and enough 'poo' to start our own biogas project, which should eliminate the need for firewood and charcoal.

    This gives us a more eco approach to life, preserving the trees in the area.

  • More Dolls for the children at Footprints


    A huge 'thank you' to the ladies at the Alestree WI, who have made six dolls for the children. Each has a baby on their back.

    The children love to use fabric to carry the dolls on their backs, replicating the local customs.

    Hopefully they will get out to the children for Christmas.

  • Working Hard with Extra Tuition.


    Our children are having extra tuition with Teacher Kolonzo on Sundays. This tuition, for all the Footprints children, has been kindly supported by the Holly Brown Learning for Life Zone Fund (HBLLZ) and their tuition takes place in the Holly Brown Room here at Footprints.

    Mama Kerry, Uncle Patrick and all the children wish to convey their continued gratitude for the love and support they have received from Holly’s wonderful family and friends and for the continued ongoing support from the staff, pupils and former pupils at John Taylor High School.

    This is a unique opportunity for African children and as they sit their 2nd Term exams at the end of July, we are sure that this extra tuition will boost their grades 🎓 and give them all much brighter opportunities.

    Asante Sana everyone 👣

  • Our New Vehicles - July 2019


    Thank you to all of you have been fundraising for our new vehicles.

    With the roads deteriorating every rainy season, we realised that just having a school bus and matatu (mini bus) did not give us the ability to navigate the roads.

    Our new 4 wheel drive  SUV  is versatile and will allow us to get down to Ukunda, which is an hour away, for emergencies and also to collect all of our food and other essentials.

    It is wonderful to have a vehicle that can cope with the roads more easily.

    Thank you once again for your continued support.

  • Refurbishment of our Trusty Matatu  - July 2019


    Due to the terrible state of our roads we made the decision to buy an SUV and to refurbish the matatu.

    It was fully stripped down and rebuilt, something that happens in Kenya regularly. Obviously this cost a lot less than buying a new one.

    It is just like new.

    What a great decision, as now we have more versatility, with three vehicles at Footprints.

    Thank you for making this possible.

  • Competing in the local music and drama festival  in July.


    Kamau, Mwongeli and Sera, with other children from  Makemba Academy were chosen to compete in the local schools music and drama festival.

    They did very well and are now proceeding to the National level in Nakuru Western, Kenya.

    This is a seven day event


    They are so excited about going - it is like a mini holiday.

    We wish them lots of fun and luck.

  • Every Donation Counts.


    A huge 'thank you' to the Stretton WI group for donating more than 40 flannels to go out to Kenya.

    Every donation counts - there are so many ways that you can help and support our work.

    Thank you for thinking of us.

  • Enjoying Free Time Summer 2019.


    Aunty Maggie having fun with the children.

  • Delicious Fresh Milk of our Own.


    On Saturday 3rd August the children had their first drink of our own milk.

    Precious is producing 12 litres a day and it is only day five since her calf, Archie, was born.

    Look at the smile on everyone's faces.

    Our sustainability project is really beginning to show success.

    Well done to everyone, but particularly to Precious.

  • Archie Arrives.


    A huge warm welcome to our latest arrival at Footprints 👣.

    At 2.15pm on Monday 29th July our lovely cow, Precious, gave birth to our new baby calf, Archie.

  • Caring for our Pregnant Cows


    We have been preparing the new calf pens, as Precious is to give birth later in July .

    We look forward to another new arrival.

  • Our Solar Panel Project Begins.


    Our fist additional solar panel and charge control has been fitted.

    This should make a huge difference to the daily running of Footprints, as the local power is always failing.

  • 100 New Chicks Arrive


    A 100 day old chicks arrive to reboot our chicken project.

    Our own incubator  has struggled, as there has been intermittent power and it has been the rainy season, so the solar power has not been strong enough to keep the eggs warm .

    Hopefully we are now back on track.     

    There is nothing like gathering your own eggs and eating your own chickens.

  • June Birthday Celebrations 2019


    June birthday celebrations have taken place with cake for everyone.

    Look how happy a doll and three lollipops makes little Rosie.

  • Adam having Fun June 2019


    Little Adam is growing up and loving playing on his scooter.

  • Mending the Road May 2019


    The road leading to Footprints has worsened with the rains. The children missed almost a week of school. Finally after no help from the local government, Patrick got 11 men from the community to help make temporary repairs. More rain has just exacerbated the situation.

    Last Monday Kerry and Patrick had a meeting with a road engineer to investigate the costs of buying some marrum, heavy quarry stones, and hard red mud that is used in Kenya.

  • New Freezer and Washing Machine Arrive - May 2019


    Our new washing machine and freezer have arrived. It is great to have a new freezer, the old one was falling to pieces!

    Having a washing machine again will certainly help with washing clothes, bedding and towels for 37 children, a monumental task for the ladies.

    Thank you for your help in funding these crucial items.

  • Community Day at Footprints - May 2019


    Footprints opened its gates to another community day facilitated by the over 18's.

    It was a wonderful day  - over 100 children gathered together for fun, games, food and a soda.

    The day aimed to raise awareness of the issues of child abuse for the under 10's and we focused on the challenges facing teenage girls in the local community.

    The Footprints girls have formed a community group to support local girls, this group will meet each holiday to find solutions to some of the issues these teenage girls face.

    In Kenya, the government schools are supposed to supply sanitary products to every female student, whilst this seems like a great step forward to end period poverty, we have learnt that the majority of girls in our local community schools only get one towel per period!

    This will be the groups first issue to tackle.

  • Family Award - May 2019.


    Footprints family are given awards at the end of each term, for a variety of reasons, achievements at school, helping around the home and excellent behaviour.

    This term Nico was awarded with the best behaviour and  the extra curriculum award went to Adam - he's such a little athlete, bursting with kindness and is always helping around the home - great role models for the other children.

  • Celebrating Labour Day May 2019


    Happy Labour Day in Kenya - as Footprints recognises the hard work of its care givers.

  • Bakari, Our Sporting Superstar.


    We are all so very proud at Footprints!

    Our sporting superstar, Bakari, has been awarded ‘Best Player’ in the National Rugby 15’s. This makes him the best player in the Country at his level.

    You’re a star Bakari.

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It’s moments like this where we realise just what a fantastic difference we make to the lives of these young people at Footprints.

  • Footprints Celebrate their 9th Year Anniversary - Easter 2019.


    At Easter this year, we celebrated our 9th anniversary. What a celebration we had, a special meal and of course lots of cake.

    How wonderful, in 9 years we have saved 37 orphaned and vulnerable children.

    What an achievement - we are so proud but could not have done it without the support and love of our extended Footprint's family.

    Your support really does make a differenece.

    Asante Sana.

  • The Canaan Trust continue to support Footprints 2019


    Jo Menzies presented Kevin Curtis, manager at the Canaan Trust, with a thank you for their continued support for Footprints.

    He also continues to source second hand laptops from local businesses, these are invaluable to the work of Footprints, in their offices and for the children to use.

    Once again, Asante Sana, Kevin, we appreciate all of your support.

  • January 22nd 2019 - Joseph starts at Kenyatta High School.


    Finally Joseph gets the National Secondary school he so much deserves, after weeks of waiting we finally admitted him to Kenyatta High, he was very proud.

    7 years ago he was ‘left’ on Footprints doorstep by government officials along with his brother Raphael, both orphaned !

    Today Footprints have given them the opportunities they deserve !

  • Hassan and Matua start at Secondary School - 9th January 2019


    Another proud day for Footprints, as Matua and Hassan begin their first day in a Kenyan National High School.

    They worked so hard and  faced so many challenges to get to these schools.

    Six years ago Matua nearly died after being struck down with a complicated maleria but today their dreams came true.

    Their futures look promising and once again it's thanks to the wonderful continued support you are giving to our children.

  • Rachel goes to Secondary School - 7th January 2019.


    7 years ago Uchi (Rachel) had little hope in her young life, her mother had died and her father was seriously ill. She was riddled with jiggers, unable to walk, then Footprints came in to her life and changed all of that.

    Today was not only her proudest day but Patrick and mine's, as she was admitted into  a wonderful high school in Voi County.

    Together Footprints has given Uchi the hope for a better future that she had only dreamed of.

    Thank you to everyone who helps us make these dreams come true.