Footprints Orphanage
  • Why not get the children at your school supporting Footprints.

    Have a look at how some schools have got involved.

  • Eggington School made a book telling a story of life at their school.


    Here you can see Mwongeli, Tumini and Hassan finding out about what life is like at Eggington Primary School in Derbyshire.

    They could see lots of similarities between the two places so far a part.

    We would like to thank Eggington School for their continued support and wish them a happy 2018.

  • St Peter & St Paul's School, Chesterfield enjoyed collecting shoes for Footprints so much that they decided to help even more.


    A Christmas Appeal went out to all of the St Peter and St Paul's School Community and within a few days there were a huge amount of donations to make Christmas more fun for the Children at Footprints.

    With 36 children to love and care for you can imagine how much soap and toothpaste we get through, so we were most grateful for all of the new toothbrushes and toiletries that were sent in.

    There were lots of crayons, colouring books, small toys and sewing kits. It was a real struggle to get everything out there - infact the children are looking forward to more sewing kits going out in the new year.

    Once again a huge 'Thank you' goes to everyone who took time out of their busy lives and gave a thought for those not as lucky as we are here in the UK.

  • St Peter & St Paul's School, Chesterfield had a massive shoe collections - here a few left in the UK ready to go out in the new year.


    At St Peter & St Paul's School, Chesterfield , they are passionate in their belief that school should be about much more than lessons alone.

    Before Christmas they had a massive shoe collection, their stage was absolutely full. The shoes are perfect for school shoes for our younger children, who seem to grow out of them so quickly!

    As well as school shoes there were party shoes with lots of sparkle and trainers - as you can imaging with 36 children to care for footware is the mosy expensive item to source.

    A huge 'thank you' goes to all of the children and parents for their generosity.

    Two suitcases of the shoes went out at the beginning of December 2017 and the rest will go out with more volunteers in the new year.

  • Pingle School hold a shoe collection.


    The Learning Support base students and Y7 pupils at The Pingle Academy were so taken by the visit of Marian Askew from Footprints Orphanage,  sharing her experiences of when she spent 4 weeks out there in May 2016, that they were desperate to help.

     They have been collecting shoes and fundraising, by baking and selling cakes at sports day and by making donations on a non uniform day.

    A total of £231.37 was presented to Marian  by Mrs V Sharples (Principal) and two year 7 pupils.

    As well as raising money the pupils also collected 9 boxes of shoes, trainers and flip flops! 

    This may seem strange but footware is the most expensive item of clothing to buy, and probably the most important, as without shoes the children are susceptible to chigoe fleas found in the sand, which burrow in to the feet and lay eggs. As well as being painful, infections can lead to amputations and in the worst cases, death.

    Teacher, Lucia Covell said, 'We are now asking pupils, parents and staff to sort through their shoes and donate them to Pingle's shoe collection.'

    Black shoes for school are the most needed.

    Well done to all the pupils and staff, it is greatly appreciated.

    Our volunteers will be taking the shoes out to Kenya when they next visit.

  • Eggington School raise money to support Footprints.


    Ater a great deal of fund raising Egginton Primary School presented Footprints with a cheque for £537.84. A fantastic amount raised from a school of only 70 pupils.

    The events that the school held to raise the money were:

    Church Fete (they kindly gave us a donation towards Footprints)
    Euro 16 Football competition (some Yr 5 & 6 boys organised this)
    Loom Band Club - organised by Yr 5 boy (cost of joining the club and then the items made were sold at the Church fete
    A year 4 boy grew potatoes in his allotment and sold them at school
    Tea & cake after Celebration Assembly

    If you need ideas for fundraising then I think Eggingtom Primary have certainly been creative.

    Well done to all of the children and staff - it is much appreciated.

    Jo Menzies went along and told the children about her experience of her time at Footprints last September. The children then joined in with a dance that the the Footprints children had learned in their long school break.

    It was fantastic.

  • William Shrewsbury Primary School, Stretton continue to support Footprints.


    At Easter all of the children collected donations for Footprints Orphanage, they raised more than £600.

    A huge 'thank you' goes to everyone who continues to support our charity and helps to make a difference in the lives of our now 36 children.