Footprints Orphanage
  •       Our Vision & Mission Statement...

    • To create a home that can give parental care, love, understanding, security and happiness but above all the sense of belonging to family life that every child deserves.

    • To give the children an education that will encourage, motivate and lead them to become confident adults with opportunities for the future

  • How 'Footprints' was born...

    In 2007 Kerry Watson from the UK spent time as a volunteer in the rural village of Majimboni in the Shimba Hills of Kenya. She was immediately humbled by the community's daily struggle to survive and was especially affected by the plight of children who had been orphaned or neglected.

    In January 2008 she returned to Kenya and personally purchased an acre of land with a vision to build and sustain a home for orphaned and abandoned children who lack even the most basic needs of shelter, food and belonging to family life. Kerry came back to the UK to begin the huge task of fundraising.

    With the support of friends, family and local businesses, schools and churches, enough money was raised to employ local Kenyan people to begin construction of the home. The lack of running water and electricity in the village presented many challenges, however Kerry wanted the home to be located where she saw the most need, and where it could also benefit the local community.

    Kerry gave up her life in the UK to live in Kenya and worked with the community, village elders and churches to identify the most desperate children, witnessing truly tragic circumstances and personally researching each child's situation and history. A staff of housemothers and fathers were recruited to help run the home and in April 2010 Footprints Orphanage opened its doors to welcome our first 5 children, giving them a childhood they could only have dreamed of.

    Since then, our family has grown to 40 children by the end of 2019, and our home has many more buildings.

    Footprints Orphanage is registered as a Charitable Children’s Institution in Kenya under the name ‘Footprints Children’s Home’, and is recognised as one of the best in the country, held by the Children’s Department as an example of ‘best practice’ in all that we do. 

  • Kerry making the vision a reality.


    At the beginning every day was a struggle, fetching water building and caring for the children.

    Now in 2019,  40 children live at Footprints - what a wonderful achievement.

    Who will join us in the coming year!

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    More children need our love and care!

  • Footprints Orphanage is a registered UK Charity. No. 1126967